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Mixed media on canvas stretched onto aluminum stretcher bars

We are currently witnessing an unprecedented struggle over trading power and a reshuffling of alliances on the world stage. Centre stage is the departure of Britain from the unity of Europe, which, inspired by Greek mythology, is portrayed as the female figure Europa.

The halo of Europa illuminates the overpowering flags of China and USA, the backdrop of the events of Europa parting with Britannia, the female personification of Britain. Europa has torn the star from her dress and presents its sovereignty from a superior position, with an angelic like gesture.

"It is open to interpretation whether Britannia, now in receipt of the star, will rise from her kneeling position that defined her relationship with Europa or Britannia will fall from her weakened position created by her departure.", Cain


From the Hands of Europa by Cain (212 x 162 cm)

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