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Liberty is freedom

Hand painted in Indian ink on vintage pages from Gone with the Wind, a Margaret Mitchell novel.

40" x 30" inches

From Cain Art and Cain Artist this Painting by Stuart James Cain, painting title "Opening Up'

Scarlett character from 'Gone with the wind' had girlish charms, which could rival the prettiest of the Southern Belles, but she was also intelligent and headstrong. Even in the face of extreme war and hardship, Scarlett possessed the ability to grow from an adolescent into a hardworking and successful woman. Scarlett O’Hara had true determination. Her reactionary stand against gender inequality could be seen as a role model, no less when the book was published in 1936 than it would today. Cain reflects this by painting a contemporary styled young lady, wearing the Stars and Stripes. She stares transfixed and intently at the narrative from this early publication of Gone with the Wind.

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